English teachers contractual job position at LINGUA LANGUAGE SCHOOL Ethiopia 2022

Job Title: English teachers


Job Type: Contractual


1. Teach English listening and speaking courses Children and adults

2. Fulfill teaching and assessment tasks specified in the syllabus conscientiously;

3. Edit and select some practical supplementary teaching materials relevant to the course;

4. Mark homework and answer students’ related questions;

5. Participate actively in the second-classroom activity of English practice;


1. Abide by laws and regulations, work rigorously with good professional ethics, communication skills and teamwork spirit;

2. Bachelor’s degree or above in English language and literature, teaching English to speakers of other languages or related disciplines such as linguistics, literature etc.;

3. At least 2 years of working experience in teaching English as a foreign language (formal certification materials are required). Those who have TESOL/EFL certificates are preferred;


No.1 Summit, Safari, Fiyel Bet, Mana building, 1st floor

No.2 Figa, Next to Zegelila restaurant

Intetested and qualified applicants can send their CV and documents to our telegram account @Lingualanguage

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