Grace technology plc is looking for three talented and interested mobile App developers 2022 Ethiopia

Job Title: Ride healing app developers

Company: Grace technology plc

Job Type: Permanent

Description: Our company is looking for three talented and interested mobile App developers. We are building a cross-platform that are IOS and Android ride mobile applications similar to ride and feres. The product will have a rider and driver application.


We need someone who has worked at least two of the following.

User Interface:

• Nearest Taxi Locator, which shows taxis or potential drivers within the vicinity.
• Trip price, duration, and Approximate Travel Time indicator. Approximate information on the current location of the rider and taxi. Both when the passenger is in the taxi and while the passenger waits for the taxi.
• Google Maps Application Programming Interface with accurate GPS positioning.
• A system, where a user can hail any car with the sticker and by the simple task of putting the registered user’s phone number into the driver app, a ride is begun and a rider and driver are matched.


• Cab allocation and positioning for drivers who are connected to Wifi or Cellular but do not have the application open.
• Current data about driver availability is sent to the server, as driver locational data will update the driver availability within an area.
• Readme : it needs to be a text document simply and explicitly outlining how we can install every stand-alone app to necessary cloud servers and specifications/system requirements we need to keep in mind when installing and choosing hosting servers and other related apps infrastructure.
• API Documentation : This document will explicitly state all APIs used in the creation of the applications, including information on parameters or arguments that are inserted, what each function does, and what values each function is expected to return.
• Code Comments : The source code will need to be submitted with full documentation for easy reading and understanding when maintained and upgraded in the future.
• Code Conventions : The Developer needs to provide the conventions used when commenting on the source code and the naming conventions used for the parameters. These comments and names need to be written in simple English and explicitly refer to the action and/or process they are involved in.


*If you think you fulfill the requirement and are interested, please send your CV.

*If you have any background job history is a plus.

° Please, Don’t apply if don’t fulfill the requirements above.

How to apply

send message on telegram




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